About us

Color grading always involves reviewing and, most of the time, real-time input from a director, dop, or client.


In the last years’ work has evolved and is changing forever. We are getting used to remote work and even relocating to more rural environments.


Streaming your output to all parties involved sounds like an easy solution. But most streaming solutions are not real-time, have bad color management, and have even worst compression.
The ones that support this are complicated to set up and expensive.


That’s why we created gradetonic. Our vision is to create an excellent streaming service that is easy to use. While still being very affordable for freelancers and small to medium size post-houses. We are bringing clients closer to your work safely and reliably.


Together with de Grot we started development in March of 2020, and clients have used our product since May 2020.  Since then, hundreds of hours have streamed to viewers worldwide.

We have a background in post-production ourselves and love getting to know each customer and helping them succeed. Being a small company enables us to give you great support.

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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The Netherlands

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