Stream with OBS

You can easy test and troubleshoot your streaming settings with the free open source live streaming software OBS.

For the best possible image quality, use a dedicated hardware encoder like the AJA Helo or our h.264 or h.265 hardware encoders.

Getting Started

Get ready to stream in 10 easy steps.

  1. Download and install the latest version of OBS
  2. Open settings
  3. Go to “Stream”
  4. At “Service” choose “Custom…”
  5. Paste the Server address and the streamkey you’ve received from us
  6. Now turn on “Use authentication” and fill in the fields with the information you recieved from us
  7. Go to “Output”
  8. Set “Output Mode” to “Advanced”
  9. Check that “Rate Control” is set to CBR
  10. And set the bitrate.
    We recommend around 8000 Kbps (8 Mbit/s).
    Never stream higher then a bitrate of 15000 Kbp (15 Mbit/s)!
    And set “CPU Usage preset” to “ultrafast” and “Tune” to  “zerolatency” for lowest latency.

You are now ready to import your footage or connect an external source and start streaming.

Follow this Quickstart guide on how to add sources to OBS