Magewell Ultra Encode SDI


The Magewell Ultra Encode SDI is a versatile, professional-grade streaming encoder supporting high-definition H.264/H.265 video, multiple protocols, dual streaming, and offers both wired and wireless connectivity for diverse broadcasting needs.

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The Magewell Ultra Encode SDI is an advanced encoding device designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern streaming and broadcasting environments. This robust unit is ideal for professionals seeking high-quality live streaming capabilities, offering support for both H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) encoding. It adeptly handles up to 2048×1080 60fps input and loopthrough signals, ensuring that high-definition content is transmitted crisply and without compromise. Its versatility is further emphasized by its compatibility with a wide array of streaming protocols, including RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, SRT Caller/SRT Listener, NDI®|HX2, HLS, and TS over UDP/RTP, making it suitable for various network environments and streaming platforms.

Beyond its impressive encoding capabilities, the Magewell Ultra Encode SDI is designed for ease of use and adaptability in diverse settings. It features dual stream encoding, allowing for simultaneous main and sub-streams, catering to different quality requirements and bandwidth constraints. Audio support is comprehensive, with input from a 3.5 mm LINE IN and encoding of 2-channel AAC audio at 48kHz, 16-bit. For network connectivity, the device offers options for both wired Ethernet and wireless networks, ensuring reliable streaming even in challenging network conditions. Additionally, the device can be remotely controlled via a Web GUI and Control Hub, providing users with flexibility and control over their streaming setups. With HTTP APIs available, integration into existing systems or workflows is seamless, making the Magewell Ultra Encode SDI a versatile choice for professionals in live streaming, AV over IP, and remote contribution, among other applications.

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Magewell Ultra Encode SDI

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